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How To Find Out If Someone Has Read Your Text Messages


Like with most things, people want privacy, especially when it comes to their personal text messages. No person should have to experience an invasion of privacy like someone sneakily reading their messages. You and the recipient should be the only people allowed to view these texts. With technology like a free text spy app for iPhone, reading someone’s text messages is easier than ever.

So, how do you find out if someone is reading your texts? The easiest way is to see if your cell phone is showing any of the signs below.


4 Signs Someone’s Secretly Reading Your Texts


You’re Receiving Abnormal Text Message Links

Do you notice you’ve received text messages containing weird links? Well, those links may be for installing text spy software on your cell phone! Sending a link via text is an easy way for someone install spy software or malware on your device. If this happens to you, immediately block the phone number.


Your Phone’s Turning Off And On For No Reason

Is your phone turning off and on randomly like it’s possessed? It’s likely not caused by a ghost, but someone spying on your text messages. Sometimes, when unknown software is downloaded on a cell phone, it can cause it to act strangely. To protect your phone from software that can read your texts and be harmful to your device, use an antivirus software.


You’ve Found Sent Text Messages That You Didn’t Write

Have you scrolled through your texts and noticed multiple messages sent from you that you didn’t write? It’s likely that someone is looking at your texts to obtain personal information about you and those you know. If any of the numbers that you supposedly sent texts to replies back, do not respond and block the number. As an extra layer of security, do a reverse number lookup immediately to find out the person behind the number.  


You’re Hearing Weird Noises When Taking A Call

When talking on the phone with someone, are you hearing strange noises in the background? Usually, the first assumption is that you just have bad reception. However, hearing these noises could be the result of cell phone interference from text spyware or malicious apps. The common background sounds include beeping, voice echoes, and static.   


Along with blocking strange numbers and using antivirus software, you can protect your messages by updating and backing up your phone. It can be hard to find out if software like a free text spy app for iPhone is on your device. But if you notice any or all of the above signs, it’s likely someone is reading your texts.

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