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spy on a cell phone without having access to it

Spy On A Cell Phone Without Having It, Possible?

SACRAMENTO, CA – Inexpensive cell phone spy software now makes it easier than ever for the average person to spy on a cell phone without having it.

Any average person with a cell phone and internet connection can now track any other cell phone for as little as $30.

Tammy’s Story

Tammy suspected that her husband of 18 years was cheating on her. He displayed all the classic signs; He kept his cell phone hidden and on the rare occasion when it was out, it was face-down. His cell phone had a password. And if Tammy asked to use it, or see it, he would freak out and get defensive.

Of course, when Tammy would confront him, he would try and turn it around, saying she was crazy for thinking these things and blame her for trying to start an argument. All classic signs of cheating.

Finally, Tammy took matters into her own hands and decided to get an app to spy on his cell phone. She had heard about them from the girls at work who used them for similar reasons. The challenge Tammy faced, like many others, was finding a phone spy app that would not require having her husband’s phone to install the app.

After a little online searching and getting some recommendations, Tammy found a spy phone app that does everything she needed to do and without the need to have her husband’s phone.

The app she found captured all of his text messages and Facebook messages. It captured all his photos, videos, and real-time GPS locations. Truly an amazing app!

The app Tammy used is called Auto Forward Spy, which is the brainchild of ILF Mobile Apps Corp. This US-based corporation specializes in monitoring software and information gathering apps and programs for mobile devices. It develops and markets PhoneSpector for parents to monitor their children, and for employers to monitor the company-owned devices of employees.

You don’t have to look too hard to find dozens of these phone monitoring apps for sale on the internet. A quick search pulls up a slew of companies offering software to spy on a cell phone. They claim to aid parents and employers, but you may even find a few that are so brazen to actually advertise how to catch a cheating spouse.

They offer the ability to track text messages, view incoming and outgoing calls, track GPS locations, see website history, read Facebook messages, see photos and videos, and other cell phone activities. You can get all of this for as little as $30.

You don’t have to be a genius to use any of these spy apps either. It takes only minutes to download and activate this software, plus it operates invisibly on the target phone. The app runs in the background so the cell phone’s user won’t even know that it is running. As the software operates, it sends information to the person who activated the software.

App Features

Most apps like Auto Forward keep a record of all phone calls made and received. After logging into your account, you can see the time and number associated with a call. The same goes for text messages. An exact copy of every ingoing and outgoing text message from the monitored phone is delivered directly to the person who activated the program.

Even more shocking, if the phone isn’t being used but it’s still on, you can use it to listen to everything that’s going on in the room. You can record video, too. The GPS function will allow someone to track the location of the phone at any given time during the day. GPS coordinates are usually uploaded every 10 to 15 minutes, but in some cases, it’s even quicker. Additionally, these types of apps work on both Android devices and iOS devices including iPhones and iPads. 

Current Legislation

Most states have laws against listening to conversations that you are not a part of. In some states, there are a specific laws against cyberstalking – California is one of them. But, the GPS on your cell phone is an entirely different story. Currently, Sen. Al Franken has targeted it with legislation. In an effort to eliminate the unknown GPS tracking from these types of apps, Sen. Franken has introduced the Location Privacy Bill. According to this bill, it will be necessary for the user to interact with the app before it can upload the device’s GPS coordinates. Sen. Franken’s bill would also make it illegal for stalkers to use a GPS function that allows them to track their victims.

Intended Uses Of These Apps

Companies that develop this type of tracking software claim that it’s intended for monitoring children and employees. While both of these activities are legal, they also have exceptions. Obviously, for a parent to monitor their child, they must be under the age of 18. For employers to monitor their employees’ company devices, they must first gain the consent of the employee before any monitoring can be conducted. After consent has been given by the employee, the employer is still not allowed to examine the personal transmission of any message performed on the company device.

When Should I Use These Apps?

It’s also worth noting that phone spy software has undoubtedly been useful in many situations across America and throughout the world. Given how easily children can access the Internet, as well as the upsurge in drug addiction, I strongly feel that any responsible parent should be monitoring the mobile devices of their children.

In addition, if employers want to maximize efficiency and productivity, they should be proactive and monitor their employees’ company devices. Best of all, they can do this while still respecting their employees’ privacy.

As the digital age moves along, it’s become more difficult to keep these apps out of the hands of stalkers and in the hands of responsible parents and employers.

Take a look at the Top Cell Phone Spy Apps and learn how they can work for you!

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