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3 Ways To Lookup A Cell Phone Number Online

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In today’s connected world, cell phones have become one of the most useful pieces of technology. In fact, they’ve become so important in recent years that just about everyone needs to have access to one. That being said, there are certain dangers that come along with using a cell phone on a daily basis. And one of the most common dangers are phone scams. 

Phone scammers attempt to trick you out of your hard-earned money using spoofed spam calls. Typically, they’ll pretend to be from the IRS or another government agency, demanding payment for some made-up offense. Unfortunately, these types of calls always come from an unknown number. So, you won’t be able to tell right away if the call you’re getting is an important one or just another scammer.

While you won’t be able to immediately differentiate between spam callers and other unknown numbers, that doesn’t mean you can’t find out who’s calling you. In fact, there are several ways you can lookup a cell phone number to reveal the identity of the caller, and much more! So if you’re constantly asking yourself “who called me?”, you should consider using one of these online cell phone lookup methods.

3 Online Cell Phone Lookup Methods

1. Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Kiwi Searches Reverse Phone Lookup

Without a doubt, the best way to identify an unknown caller is to use a reverse cell phone lookup service. Just simply enter the phone number and click search, then these services will take care of the rest. They search millions of public records to find information pertaining to the number you did a reverse phone search of. They not only provide you with the owner’s full name, but plenty of other background information as well. For instance, a basic reverse cell phone lookup report from Kiwi Searches will give you the following information:

    • First & Last Name
    • Known Aliases
    • Current Residence
    • Address History
    • Phone Carrier
    • Line Type
    • Spam Level
    • And More!

With this information, you can easily determine if the unknown phone call is from a real person or a scammer. Spam level, in particular, is an important value to keep in mind, as the higher the spam score, the greater the chance the phone number belongs to a scammer. But once you have this personal and contact information at your disposal, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you should block the phone number from contacting you in the future.

2. Google

While using a reverse phone number lookup tool like Kiwi Searches is the best way to identify an unknown caller, it’s not the only way to look up a cell phone number. There are plenty of cell phone lookup free and paid options to choose from. In fact, one of the most common free ways to lookup a phone number is to use Google.

Google and other big name search engines (like Yahoo and Bing) can assist you as well. Simply type in the unknown number that called or texted you, and look through the search results. If you happen to get lucky, you’ll only need to go through a few pages of results before finding a match. But be careful, as Google (and most other search engines) are not specifically designed to lookup a cell phone number and your search results will reflect that.

3. Social Media

Similar to Google, social networking sites are a great source of information. Every day, millions of people from around the world access these sites, looking to connect with family and friends. Oftentimes, users will update their social profiles with personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and pictures. Knowing this, you could potentially use popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to find out the owner of a particular phone number. Simply enter the unknown phone number into the sites search bar and check out the results.

While this may sound like an easy way to lookup a phone number, there are some limitations. For instance, if the phone number you’re looking up isn’t attached to any profile, you won’t receive any results. In addition to this, many social media sites allow their users to make their profile private. In this case, your phone number search would come up empty as well.


So, if you’ve recently been on the receiving end of a call or text from an unknown phone number, try using one of the cell phone lookup free and paid methods mentioned above. And if you’re looking for any other tech guides, check out the rest of the blog at Safeguarde.com

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