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Highster Mobile Review


A cell phone monitoring program, like any other technological innovation, can be like a double-edged sword. Such mobile applications have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Some people have even raised their eyebrows upon the initial release of these apps as they see these tools as an invasion of people’s privacy.

On the contrary, spy software was specifically designed with safety and security in mind. Highster Mobile, for instance, was programmed and is constantly being enhanced to fulfill its goal to become an ultimate way to keep your children safe and/or your employees productive. Highster Mobile has been helping hundreds of thousands of users with over 8 years of providing world-class services and high-quality outputs. Its promising reputation has encouraged us to write this extensive Highster Mobile review in 2022. Plus, we want to help more parents and employers with similar concerns.


What Is The Highster Mobile Software?

Overview of the Highster Mobile service

It might have crossed your mind at some point to spy on someone’s cell phone. Some of you might have even actually scoured online seeking ways for how to spy on someone’s phone.

If you’re a parent, employer, or regular cell phone user who wishes to gain remote access and/or control over somebody else’s cell phone, then this review’s perfect for you! Highster Mobile might be the best software there is as it’s convenient, efficient, and practical. Plus, it’s compatible with almost all brands, models, and versions of cell phones.

Highster Mobile is a monitoring program that enables people to see activities and engagements from the target device without physical access. Like most premium spy apps, it provides remote and real-time access, making monitoring hassle-free. It gathers SMS text messages, phone call logs, GPS locations, web browser history, multimedia files, social media activities, and more.

This spy software is programmed to dig deep into the target device’s hard drive and memory to collate valuable information. It then simultaneously uploads the gathered data into a secure cloud-based dashboard.

Highster Mobile, indeed, stands out from the thousands of available spy apps on the market that boldly claim to be the best ones. This is mainly because this tool wasn’t merely created to provide its users the power to access any phone anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, Highster Mobile’s features were well-thought-of and thoroughly programmed so the overall app would be worthy and beneficial for its main target users – parents, employers, and phone owners.

    • For Parents

Though kids and teens mostly spend their time at home, they could still be exposed to possible dangers when utilizing cell phones and/or accessing the internet. This software can help parents in monitoring their activities and guiding them for more responsible use.

    • For Employers

Highster Mobile for business helps employers ensure company-issued devices are utilized properly. It’s an excellent tool for driving productivity and tracking outputs. It’s loaded with alerts, filters, controls, and other features that provide employers the peace of mind they need.

    • For Yourself

Cell phones are no longer just an accessory. Most users store important files and confidential data on their devices. Hence, losing a mobile device could mean losing everything stored and installed on it. Good thing Highster Mobile isn’t only meant for monitoring. This app can also backup phone data, allowing users to retrieve files that could’ve been otherwise lost or inaccessible.


How Does Highster Mobile Work?

As most Highster Mobile reviews say, this is one of the most reliable apps to track text messages, record call logs, and capture phone activities. Aside from its SMS spy text messages feature that enables people to view even old and deleted conversations, it offers various other beneficial functionalities – from monitoring tools to parental controls.

Highster Mobile utilizes cutting-edge technologies to ensure it works as programmed. Its algorithms are well-thought-of to guarantee smooth and flawless transfers. The app is designed to thoroughly scan the target phone and capture available data. Its codes and commands are meant to track the activities and installed/running third-party applications on the device.

Unlike other monitoring apps, this software can be installed remotely via an over-the-air (OTA) link. Meaning, you won’t need physical access to the target device to download and activate it. It’s also designed to work in stealth mode, silently running in the background and gathering data. There are no significant and extreme effects like battery draining or data usage; hence, it cannot be easily detected.

After setting it up, the app automatically starts functioning. All processes have been automated so no technical skills are needed to navigate through its cloud-based control panel. Basically, here are the only things you need to start monitoring:

    • A Valid Purpose

Bear in mind that this spy software has been exclusively created for legal purposes only like child and employee monitoring. Though the laws might vary per jurisdiction, in most states, cell phone monitoring is allowed if you’re parents of minors, employers with your employees’ consent, legal authorities, and owners of the monitored devices.

    • Target Device

Though the installation is done remotely, you’d still need to be privy to the device you’ll be monitoring. Though quite similar, there are certain processes specific to Android phones and the same is true for iPhones. Plus, there are features available for Android but not for iOS, and vice versa. You have to know the target device type so you know what package to avail of.

    • Internet Connection

This software continuously records and captures information even if the target device is offline. However, you need a stable internet connection during the installation process and every time you access the online account.

    • Email Address

An active email address is needed for account registration and activation. This is where the instruction manuals and license keys will be sent to.

    • Payment

Before use, a Highster Mobile package must be purchased. Regardless of what you avail of, you’d only need to settle a one-time payment which comes with complimentary free lifetime upgrades and 24/7 access to customer support.

    • Internet-Enabled Device

Any internet-enabled device can be utilized to access your personal dashboard – whether it be a computer or cell phone. Your online account is where you can remotely control and access the target device. This is where the gathered data and files are uploaded. There are easy-to-navigate control panels and data overview sections. Should you want to, you could also download comprehensible and detailed reports.


Highster Mobile for iPhone

Highster Mobile app running on iPhone


It’s general knowledge that Apple devices have strict security protocols. This is why not all who seek ways on how to spy on iPhone text messages succeed. Some easily find tools to spy on Androids, but most of these don’t work on iPhones. There’s also a text message spy app for iPhones that would require several conditions first like jailbreaking and/or iCloud account locking. We’ve initiated this Highster Mobile review in 2022 as we’ve learned this monitoring software is one of the very few programs that works with both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, not only is it compatible with the latest iPhone models but it also offers a no-jailbreak system without causing iCloud account locking. We’ve tested Highster Mobile for iPhone to spy on someone’s phones – 3 different iPhones with different iOS versions. The installation process was quick and flawless. We didn’t have to jailbreak the iPhones to spy on them but physical access was required during the installation process. For a few months, we were able to extract information without being locked out. There’s also an option to schedule the frequency and time of uploads.More than a text message spy app, Highster Mobile is reliable in thoroughly capturing available data on the target iPhone. Though it also works well with Android phones, this app excels in extracting data from Apple devices. Through the phone’s iCloud, you can read others’ texts, track their GPS locations, view their social media activities, see their files, and more. All that’s needed is a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device where you’ll be viewing the collated information. 

This monitoring app is compatible with all iOS versions regardless of the network carrier. Here are the supported models:

    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone 11
    • iPhone XR
    • iPhone XS
    • iPhone XS Max
    • iPhone X
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 7 plus
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6 plus
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5 plus
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c

Get Highster Mobile For iPhone


Highster Mobile for Android

Highster Mobile app running on Android


Highster Mobile for Android is programmed with filtering and tracking features, making it an efficient tool for employee monitoring. Several employers utilize this app to monitor company-issued devices, drive productivity, and ensure the quality of outputs. It’s also packed with parental controls and security features, making it a reliable tool for child monitoring. Highster Mobile for Android is, indeed, one of the best apps we’ve encountered. Everything’s smooth from installation to extraction to navigation. There were minimal lags but with around 4 months of use, it never crashed or caused target device issues. Anyone can easily install Highster Mobile on any Android phone without the need to root the target device. It’s compatible with the latest models, brands, and versions. In this Highster Mobile review, we’ve tested this monitoring software on 5 different Android devices and were able to track activities on all of those cell phones without any issues.This monitoring app is compatible with all Android OS versions regardless of the network carrier. Here are the major/global brands supported:

    • Samsung
    • Motorola
    • Google
    • LG
    • HTC
    • Sony
    • And more!

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How To Install Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile app installation process
Highster Mobile Installation is Easy and Simple!


Unlike text message spyware that’s free, Highster Mobile can be remotely installed on the target iPhone or Android device. It utilizes an over-the-air (OTA) link; hence, the need to have physical access to the target device is minimal to none. Start to track text messages on another phone, in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Send the download link to the target phone via SMS/iMessage, email, or through third-party messaging apps.
  2. The link has to be clicked (either lure the target user to click on it or borrow the cell phone for a few seconds).
  3. Tap a few more links/buttons and enter the activation key, then you’re good to go.

When installing the spy text app on the test phones we monitored, the entire process only took about 45 seconds. Immediately after activation, you should start receiving data uploads on the online account. For us, we waited for only about 5-10 minutes for the acquired data to appear. After the first upload, the succeeding ones came in simultaneously.


Highster Mobile Features, Customer Support, and Price

Most Highster Mobile spy reviews we’ve encountered claim the app offers high-quality features and world-class services. While testing and utilizing this text message spyware, we personally witnessed how true those claims are. Highster Mobile will surely provide great value for your money.

Highster Mobile Features

Aside from Highster Mobile’s ability to track SMS messages, including old and deleted ones, here are some of its main features.

    • Call Logs – Records of incoming and outgoing phone calls, answered or missed. Call logs include phone numbers, owner’s name (as how it’s saved), time stamps, and duration.
    • GPS Locations – A copy of previous and current locations. Coordinates of the area within 50 feet of the actual location are shown on the map. Data uploads are typically set to push every 10 minutes, but this can be manually uploaded anytime by sending a remote SMS command.
    • Social Media – Activities, engagements, and interactions on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social networking platforms. Social media reports include information like profile details, friends/contacts lists, posts, comments, chat messages, photos, videos, and more.
    • Multimedia Files – New, old, and deleted photos, videos, and audio files. Recorded multimedia files will be uploaded to the online control panel.
    • Browser History – A detailed report containing keyword searches, URLs, date and time of site visits, as well as frequency and duration of time spent on the visited pages.
    • Profanity Alerts – This is one of the many features of Highster Mobile’s parental controls and security settings. There’s a list of commonly utilized profanity words wherein an algorithm is set to filter/censor any word from the list when entered, and an alert will be sent to you. There’s also an option to add or remove words from the said list.
    • Undetectable – One of the main features of this spy software is that it cannot be easily detected. Aside from being programmed to work in stealth mode, it doesn’t interrupt any other installed application or cause any issues on the target device. So, the phone owner won’t easily notice there’s such an app installed and collecting data.


Features of Highster Mobile


Highster Mobile Customer Support

If you’ve read other Highster reviews, their customer support is one of the best – we’ve proven this to be true. We tried contacting them via their 800-number a few different times and in all instances, we were entertained by live specialists. We were never put on hold and didn’t have to talk with a bot for a long time. We were immediately connected to live experts who were kind and respectful. Everyone was knowledgeable and based on our overall experience, they really know what they’re doing.

When availing of any product or service, especially tech-based tools like Highster Mobile, reliable tech support is extremely important. This is specifically true for the less tech-savvy users. Their world-class customer service is, in fact, one of the reasons why we’re claiming this is one of the best spy software there is.


Highster Mobile Price

Various monitoring apps on the market are claiming to be the best ones as their services are free. Note, however, that with products like these, free doesn’t always necessarily mean best.

Enjoy all features of Highster Mobile, including 24/7 access to its reliable customer support for a one-time payment of only $69.99. This excellent package deal comes with free lifetime upgrades and unlimited device changes with no further costs and additional monthly fees.


Our Verdict

Overall, we’re convinced and content with Highster Mobile’s advanced design and structure. Its simple interface, reliable customer service, efficient features, and all-inclusive services. All of this makes Highster Mobile an ideal and practical monitoring software.

This app to track text messages and other phone activities is, indeed, our top choice for cell phone spy programs. Our overall experience was satisfying as it started with ease and comfort.

We were able to spy on text messages without installing software physically/manually and in some instances, were able to spy on text messages with phone numbers or Apple ID only.

No significant issues were encountered – from installation and navigation to everything in between. To sum up our Highster Mobile review, here are the pros and cons of the software:

    • Pros
        • Compatible with all Android and iOS versions.
        • Automated collection of data.
        • Records activities even on third-party apps like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
        • The extracted data is presented or displayed in easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read reports.
        • Alerts and notifications are in real-time and flawless.
        • Customizable features and security settings. 
        • Reliable keystrokes recording via the app’s built-in keylogger feature.


    • Cons
      • Unable to extract messages from popular apps with their Basic package.
      • A few minutes delay on GPS location uploads once in a while.

Learn More About Highster Mobile at https://highstermobile.com/.


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