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The Best Android Spy Apps For Tracking Browser History In 2022

Are you worried your kids might encounter inappropriate content while surfing the web? Concerned your employees will access non-work-related sites on the internet during work hours? 

Browsers serve as gateways to the world wide web which can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. Internet browsers could be beneficial for students, researchers, consumers, and business owners. Like most Android apps, however, browsers are hot targets of cybercriminals because of their millions of daily users. 

With the use of reliable monitoring apps, you can ensure the safety and security of the people you care for. Browser history spy Android apps provide remote monitoring of browser search history and all other browser activities. To ensure a hassle-free spying and monitoring experience, here are the best-hidden spy apps for Android.


When Can A Spy App For Tracking Browser History Help You?

Looking for spy apps to monitor someone’s Android phone and spy on their browser history? We have found the Best Android Spy Apps for tracking browser history in 2022. Before listing them, there are instances where such spy apps could come in handy:

Monitor Kid’s Cell Phone

The internet has a myriad of advantages, but could also be a gateway to various dangers. Monitor your kid’s web history and ensure they are not exposed to inappropriate content and sites on their Android devices.

Monitor Company-Owned Device

Make sure your employees are not using company devices to visit inappropriate sites or download compromising data. Use browser history monitoring apps to keep them in check.


How Do I Set Up Android Spy App Browser Tracking?

Want to start monitoring someone’s browser history and other phone activities? Use Internet History spy and monitoring apps in three easy steps:

Step 1: Download

Download browser history spy and monitoring apps for Android devices via OTA links. You may be asked to pay a subscription fee before doing so.

Step 2: Activate

Follow instructions to install spy software. Some companies offer Android spy apps with remote installation while others require access to the target Android phone or device. 

Step 3: Monitor

You can start monitoring the internet browsing history of the target device. Through your account and dashboard, you will receive reports from the target phone.


The Benefits of Using Spy Apps To Track Android Browser Data

So, how can Android browser spy and monitoring apps help you? Are Android spy and monitoring apps for Android devices worth it? On top of monitoring the browser history on the target phone, check out these other benefits:

    • Monitor the appropriateness of sites visited on the target device.
    • See posts and other online engagements made by the device’s owner.
    • View apps downloaded and used on the target phone.
    • Keep track of other phone or mobile device activities.
    • Detect possible dangers to keep them at bay.


The 5 Best Android Spy Apps for Tracking Browsers in 2022

Do you need reliable web browser history monitoring apps that work with any Android device? Want to spy on someone’s internet activities and web searches without the need for physical access to the target Android phone?

At safeguarde.com, we initiated a hunt for the most efficient device monitoring tools that record all internet activities. We deliberately scoured the market to look for the leading Android phone spy apps. All paid and free spy apps we encountered were tested and reviewed. We only recommend the best device monitoring tools and browser history spying software for consumers. 

Here are the 5 Android phone spy apps you can trust.

Auto Forward

Like most device monitoring apps, this spy software can remotely access the target phone without having it in your possession. Auto Forward provides real-time monitoring access to the target device’s web browser history.

Highster Mobile

This is one of the Android phone monitoring apps that utilizes an over-the-air (OTA) link, allowing remote installation and navigation. Highster Mobile can spy and monitor internet activities, allowing users to see search history, visited sites, accessed URLs, and more.

DDI Utilities

Like most device monitoring apps, DDI Utilities spy software runs on stealth mode and cannot be easily detected. It silently monitors the target Android phone and silently uploads all browser information to your dashboard.


This internet browser monitoring tool offers packages that require a one-time payment only. Without interrupting other running apps, PhoneSpector can spy and monitor browser activities and web search history.

Easy Spy

Like most device monitoring tools, this spy software simultaneously uploads exact copies of acquired data to your dashboard. All web information from the target phone can be viewed on a dashboard that has a simple and straightforward interface.

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