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The Best Spy Apps For Tracking Gmail On Android Phones in 2022

Always worried your kids could fall victim to phone hacking or email phishing? Concerned about how your employees handle Gmail messages with clients?

Gmail is one of the most trusted email providers accessible on Android phones, iPhones, or any internet-enabled devices. It allows millions of users to send emails and files for free, making it one of the most widely used communication tools. Like most apps, however, Gmail could be exposed to various cyber threats. Fortunately, there are certain precautionary measures available such as installing Gmail spy apps. Such Android tracking apps allow people to remotely spy on Gmail accounts, making it easier to identify and address online threats.


What Can You Learn By Tracking A Gmail Account Using A Spy App?

Are you wondering if a Gmail spy software will be worth it? We have gathered the Best Spy Apps for tracking Gmail on Android phones in 2021 to convince you tracking apps for Android are worthy investments.

So what exactly can you get out of such tracking apps? That would depend on the monitoring tool you select. In most cases, the following Gmail information from the target Android phone will be acquired:

    • User Account Details
    • Contacts (Names and Email Addresses)
    • Emails (Incoming, Outgoing, Drafts)


How To Choose The Right Program To Track Gmail On An Android Phone

Should you just get the first Gmail spy app for Android you come across? Is the most expensive application the most reliable one? Conversely, is the cheapest Android cell phone monitoring software the least reliable?

First of all, the reliability of tracking apps for Android does not necessarily depend on the price or fee. In most cases, the fee would pertain to the spy tool features and the extensiveness of the monitoring reports provided.

In choosing the most suitable Android monitoring apps to keep tabs on Gmail and other phone activities, take into consideration the following:

    1. Is the software compatible with the target device?
    2. What are the included features and what kinds of data will you be able to access from the target phone?
    3. Does the app provide real-time and accurate tracking reports?
    4. Does it provide commendable and reliable customer support?


5 Best Android Spy Apps For Tracking Gmail Messages in 2022

gmail spy software for android

Are you seeking reliable tracking apps that work with any Android device? Are you planning to spy utilizing a Gmail tracking application?

We, at safeguarde.com, are on a constant hunt for the newest technological advancements. Our recent research focused on identifying the best spy apps that efficiently capture Gmail conversations and engagements. After a series of thorough inspections, here’s 5 of the best Gmail spy software.

Auto Forward

Like most spy apps, this application enables you to monitor without having physical access to the target Android phone. Auto Forward records all sent and received emails via Gmail, including the deleted ones. The spy app also monitors other Android phone features including social media messages, texts, call history, and more.

Highster Mobile

This device tracking tool provides real-time access to the Gmail account you’re spying on. Highster Mobile captures all activity logs including messages, email addresses, dates, times, and more.

DDI Utilities

This spy application is designed to dig deep into the target phone without being detected. DDI Utilities can monitor several Android apps such as Gmail, and retrieve lost or damaged data.


This tracking tool enables you to spy without having the device in your possession. From your personal dashboard, view copies of Gmail conversations exactly how they appear on the target device.

Easy Spy

Like most phone spy apps, this application is compatible with all Androids. Easy Spy has an easy-to-use dashboard where you get to view acquired Gmail activities and logs, including deleted ones.

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