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5 Best Spy Apps For Call Tracking On Android Smartphones

Are you wondering who your kids are phone calling with? Are you worried about how your employees communicate with your clients?

An Android call recorder app spy can be the best solution for the aforementioned problems. A hidden spy call recorder for Android automatically logs all details of every incoming and outgoing phone call. Such tracking apps silently download all call activities and simultaneously upload these to a cloud-based control panel.

We’ll be sharing 5 spy call Android software programs designed to work in stealth mode. Both well-hidden and undetectable to the user. Each of these tracking software programs is compatible with all Android devices and versions. So read on, and be sure to select one from our list below to ensure a hassle-free monitoring experience.


When Might You Need To Install A Spy App To Track Android Calls?

Are you looking for an Android spy call recorder to keep track of a loved one? Are you looking for the best android spy call recorder software, free or paid? We made a list of the 5 Best Spy Apps with Call tracking on Android smartphones. These apps will help with your phone monitoring efforts.

But before we list our top 5, we’ll discuss a few things first. If you are still unsure about the advantages of downloading hidden call tracker and recorder apps, here are two situations that would make you want to get one as soon as possible.

Child Monitoring

The digital age has made it possible for even kids to make personal (and private) phone calls with their mobile devices. This, of course, has its advantages but has also opened up children to various risks like criminals and child groomers.

A hidden spy call recorder for android will allow you to keep track of the people they’re contacting. Such software will also allow users to monitor conversations and consequently put a stop to possibly dangerous people.

Employee Monitoring

A spy call recorder for android phones is a great tool for business owners who issue mobile devices to their employees. If you are one such person, utilize a call tracker and recorder software. 

These apps will allow you to track any calls made or received by employees via their company-issued smartphone. This will also help to ensure employees are using company time productively.


How To Set Up A Spy App For Android To Track Calls

Using a hidden android call recorder app, spy or track calls made and received on your target device. Free apps may still let you track a target phone but not as in-depth as paid apps do. The best call tracker apps will also allow you to track more than just phone calls including the following:

    • Text messages (sent and received)
    • GPS location
    • Contacts
    • Photos and Videos
    • Emails
    • Social Media Activities
    • Web  Browsing Activities


Requirements To Install Spy Apps On An Android Phone

The installation process differs for every tracking software but would usually be done in three easy steps.

Step 1: Purchase and Download

Go to the vendor’s legitimate website. Some applications will ask you to create an account and settle the purchase fee during this first step. You can then download the application, typically through an over-the-air or OTA link.

Step 2: Install and Activate

Once payment is settled, you will gain access to a step-by-step installation and activation guide. These instructions also come with an activation or license key. In this step, you might need access to the target device for a few minutes. 

Step 3: Access and Monitor

After installing, start tracking calls and other activities on the target phone. Simply log into your online account/dashboard to do so.


Call Spy Android Software: 5 Basic Things You’ll Need To Start Tracking

To begin tracking calls with the best-hidden spy call recording android application, you will need the following:

    1. A strong and reliable internet connection.
    2. One-time payment for the call recorder and tracker application.
    3. A target device compatible with your chosen application.
    4. The Over-The-Air (OTA) link and/or Spy Software file name for the download process.
    5. The corresponding license key and/or activation code.


The Legality of Using Spy Apps

Even the best spy applications must abide by any and all related laws. Here are some instances where spy application use is perfectly legal. 

    • Parents can use a call spy android application on their minor child’s phone; permission from a minor is not required.
    • Employers can use a paid or free spy call for android applications on a company-owned device. The employer must, however, properly notify the employee about the call spy and recorder application.
    • You can monitor any device owned by an adult. As long as that person gives you his/her consent to do so.
    • You can monitor a phone that you own, even if someone else is using it. Just be sure to notify the user that they’re being tracked. Especially if it’s an adult.
    • Law enforcement agencies may install a monitoring application as long as they have a warrant to do so.


5 Best Android Spy Apps To Tracking Calls

Searching for a spy call recorder for Android free download? Are you considering installing a call recorder spy Android? Are you looking for the best spy apps to download? Are you thinking of purchasing an Android phone call tracker?

All digital specialists here, at safeguarde.com, are on a constant hunt for the newest and latest software available in the market. Our recent researches involve reviewing the most promising tracking tools. Taking into consideration various factors, we’re able to identify the 5 best tracking software you can rely on.

Auto Forward

For as low as $29.99, you can download and enjoy the amazing features of Auto Forward tracking software for 10 months. Like most phone call monitoring apps, this remotely records all incoming and outgoing call logs. All data will then be automatically uploaded to your personal dashboard where you can view the reports anytime and anywhere.

Highster Mobile

With over 8 years of experience, Highster Mobile spy software has provided hassle-free call tracking to hundreds of thousands of users. This tool is designed to work in stealth mode and stay well-hidden. Accessing activities and logs without interrupting any other running apps. Each incoming and outgoing call is logged along with the number, duration, and time.

DDI Utilities

For a one-time payment only, you can download a DDI Utilities tracking software and start monitoring your target phone. This works with all Androids, and it utilizes an  OTA (over-the-air) link to provide remote access. It can retrieve and recover all call histories, including logs that could have been otherwise lost or damaged.


Designed with automatic and remote functionalities, PhoneSpector spy software is fast, reliable, and efficient. It’s hidden and undetectable; it doesn’t drain the target phone’s battery nor interrupt other activities. It records all call logs – including those missed and answered. You can then view all acquired information from any internet-enabled device.

Easy Spy

Programmed with complex codes but designed with a simple interface, the Easy Spy phone tracker is true to its name. This software is best for less tech-savvy users as it’s easy to download, access, and navigate. It captures all saved and deleted call logs, including – Date, time, duration, contact name (if saved), and dialed/received numbers.

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