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Easy Spy Review – How To Spy On Text Messages and More!

These and all cell phone monitoring apps may only be used for legitimate and lawful purposes by authorized users. Installing or using any app for any other purpose may violate local, state and/or federal law.


You’re thinking about cell phone monitoring software. You do your research and see several options. How do you know which one is right for you? How do you know which one has the features that you want, like the spy on text messages feature? I’m here to tell you that Easy Spy remotely accesses text messages, calls, GPS and more from any Android or supported iPhone or iPad. And once the app is downloaded, it will gather information from the target phone of your choice. All data from the target phone can be viewed directly from your own cell phone, or other devices.

We have designed Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software with the average person in mind. We understand that not everyone is technically savvy, which is exactly why our developers gave extra attention and detail in making Easy Spy EASY-TO-USE! If you know how to use a cell phone, you will be able to install and use Easy Spy immediately and reap the benefits that cell phone spy has to offer.



Buy Easy Spy

Click on any of the BUY NOW buttons. Within minutes you will receive an email that will have everything you need to begin using Easy Spy immediately (including your license key.) What can you do with this software? You can track social media activity, call logs, see photos, see videos, spy on text messages, and so much more.

Install the App

Use the OTA (over-the-air) method to download and install the app to the phone you want to monitor. During installation enter the telephone number of the phone you want to monitor.

Remote Access

Text messages, call logs, photos, videos, stealth camera, GPS tracking and much more is then remotely extracted from the target phone and displayed on your cell phone or tablet.

How To Use The Controls

You can send commands from the member area (using your unique user panel) to control the target phone, such as backup and wipe phone data, pause application and more.

Your desired settings and preferences are then recorded onto the Easy Spy server in order to perform your given commands. The servers redirect your commands to the target phone for execution.



More About The Live Control Panel

Easy Spy Live Control Panel lets you access all the target phone’s details dynamically. It allows you to control advanced settings for display options, logs, time triggers and more. You can then access your control panel to instantly view all the information retrieved from the targeted device in real-time. Easy categories will interactively give you the comprehensive details on the monitored activity.

Still not convinced? Read some Easy Spy testimonials to convince you! You’ll find that Easy Spy is universally popular with parents and employers.

“Easy Spy assists me nicely to pay better parental care toward my teenage daughters. This spy app enables me to monitor how safe their internet activities are. It also let me set the limit to their web content access.” – Laura

“With the growth of internet utilities and changed lifestyles, children are at high risk of bad exposure and abuse. Easy Spy monitoring system has helped me a lot in knowing about my kids’ daily routine and their major cell phone activities.” – Andrew

“Employees in my office use smartphones so frequently. Unluckily, sometimes they use them inappropriately rather than accomplishing business objective. Easy Spy gives me peace of mind by providing real-time monitoring and tracking of my employees’ mobile activities. I love the option to track social media activity and spy on text messages as well.” – Aron